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Hästens 2000T

Hästens 2000T

It’s what dreams are made of.

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How much is your sleep worth?

How much is your sleep worth?

Hästens 2000T II is one of Hästens’ most exclusive beds, featuring exquisite detail and unique design. The fact that it is also the bed of your dreams goes without saying. We have developed a unique layering method, which gives the bed extra softness and pliability. It doesn’t matter how much you turn in bed, you always get the proper support. Hästens 2000T II, with the unique top mattress BJX Luxury, is perfect for those of you who are particularly exacting when it comes to comfort.

Pliable and supportive
The springs of the Hästens 2000T II are mounted one by one. Each spring is mounted in its own fabric pocket and moves independently when pressed down, giving you the most comfortable night's sleep possible. Two patented spring systems working together with a Bonell spring system in the lower section mean that the 2000T II is extremely pliable and comfortable.

By hand – for safety’s sake
The surest way to know that a bed is of the highest quality and will have the longest possible lifespan is to build a bed by hand. Therefore, Hästens beds are built by hand by highly skilled craftsmen. All assembly is done manually.
The mattress is sewn entirely by hand – a production method that we believe results in the perfect mattress. The natural materials are bound at precisely the right place giving you the same great comfort from edge to edge.
After a careful quality control inspection, your personal name tag is attached to the bottom section of the bed.


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